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Memeoirs Raises $300K To Turn Your Facebook Conversations Into A Book

You’ve been able to convert a lot of your social media into a book for a while now. Back in 2012 founder Helen Spaul created Walnuts (still working) which allowed you to create a personalised book of your favourite Facebook memories in under two minutes and buy it. It appears this idea still has legs.

New startup Memeoirs has secured a $300,000 investment from Pozzoni Group, an Italian printing giant, to create “beautifully bound books” out of Facebook conversations. Other popular social media services will follow. The startup has already had success turning emails pulled from GMail and Hotmail/Outlook.com into books – hence the move into social media.

Memeoirs emerged from Startup Chile, but most recently went through the programme at the Northern Italian accelerator TechPeaks and Seedcamp Week.

The startup is getting up to €200,000 equity-free matching funds from the Autonomous Province of Trento – Italy (the original backers of the TechPeaks program) to match the round of investment received by the Pozzoni Group.

“We are very different from our indirect competitors because we have started making books from people’s email conversations,” says Memeoirs COO Fred Rocha. “Our unique technology, comprised of fetching and parsing algorithms, allows for fast and automatic creation of books. We are the only ones doing this. Soon we will be adding Facebook messages, and other unique channels.”

Indirect competitors such as Pastbook, Shutterfly, and Mixbook focus more on photos; however none of them create books from conversations, which is technically much more difficult. 

2014-02-21, TechCrunch, Mike Butcher.

Keywords: social networking, startups, Facebook, funding

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