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Speaktoit Secures Funding From Intel Capital and Alpine Technology Fund

Speaktoit, developer of human-computer interaction technologies based on natural language conversations and creator of the Speaktoit Assistant, at the end of January announced it has received investments from Intel Capital, Intel's global investment organization, and the Alpine Technology Fund, a strategic investment arm of Alpine Electronics. The funding comes as Speaktoit accelerates the development of its platform for allowing clients to add natural language virtual assistant capabilities to applications, gadgets, cars, robots, and wearable technology.

Speaktoit's first virtual assistant product, the Speaktoit Assistant application for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices, is nearing ten million downloads since debuting in 2011. The Assistant has the highest user rating of any virtual assistant on Android (its most popular platform) and is one of the highest grossing productivity apps since launching a premium feature set in 2012.

"Speaktoit firmly believes in the future of cross-platform virtual assistants that enhance the efficiency of its users' lives," said Ilya Gelfenbeyn, CEO, Speaktoit. "What has begun with smartphones over the past three years will soon touch many areas of our lives, including our cars and our homes. Intel Capital and Alpine Technology Fund are the perfect partners for Speaktoit's continued technological advancements in human-computer interaction technology."

"Our relationship with Speaktoit is a good example of Intel working closely with leading industry players to enable next generation, natural user experiences with Intel devices," said Sanjay Vora, head of Strategic Planning for Intel's PC Client Group.

"We are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to future collaborations between Speaktoit and Alpine Electronics," said Koichiro Kanda, Managing Director of Alpine Technology Fund. "We firmly believe in the balance between driver safety and a quality in-vehicle experience." 

2014-02-05, Bloomberg.

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Speaktoit Secures Funding From Intel Capital and Alpine Technology Fund
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