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At last! An alarm clock that DOESN'T disturb your partner: Earplug speakers ensure only the wearer is roused from sleep

Being woken up by your partner who has an early shift at work can be annoying if you want to keep sleeping in peace.
But an alarm clock that is designed to be worn inside the ear like an earplug could mean that one day partners will finally be able to lie-in, as only the wearer will be able to hear the alarm.

The concept Earlarm device will feature two noise-cancelling foam ear plugs, which each have tiny speakers that connect to a bedside clock via Bluetooth.

The alarm is designed to be set using a smartphone app so that when it goes off it sounds only in the ears of the wearer, letting their partner continue to sleep.

The concept is the brainchild of Kyungmi Moon, 24, a design graduate from Seoul, South Korea.

Ms Moon, a light sleeper, was inspired to design the alarm after oversleeping while wearing earplugs to muffle the sounds of a party taking place next door.

Users of the device will be able to check when their alarm will ring by looking at an LCD screen on the clock device, which doubles as a charging unit for the earplugs.

She hopes to put the device into production after winning a Reddot design award, but there is currently no release date or estimated price for the device.

Ms Moon, who developed the project with friends Doyun Kim and Jinyong Park, both of whom are 26, said: ‘I am a light sleeper and unfortunately my flat was not properly soundproofed and party animals lived next door.

‘I couldn't get to sleep easily and would wake up in the middle of night because of noise such as laughter and loud music.

‘Sometimes alarm clocks from next door would wake me up when I didn't want to get up.'

Ms Moon said she was exhausted and began to wear earplugs to block out the noise, but overslept because she couldn’t hear her alarm and was late for class as a result.

She said: ‘At that moment, the idea [for Earlarm] flashed through my mind - what if that alarm was in my ear just like the earplugs?’

Alarm clocks usually have the disadvantage of waking everyone up when they go off, which is especially annoying as many couples start work at different times, or might just fancy a lie-in.

But Ms Moon said her device is ‘an alarm clock only for you’.

‘The tiny alarm clock in your ears shuts out noise just like earplugs so you can sleep soundly, and the ringing in your ear wakes you up without waking other people,’ she said. 

2014-01-21, The Daily Mail, Sarah Griffiths.

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At last! An alarm clock that DOESN'T disturb your partner: Earplug speakers ensure only the wearer is roused from sleep
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