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St. Pete’s Sensor Systems raises $1m for its ‘electronic tongue’

Sensor Systems, a St. Petersburg-based developer of solutions for complex liquids analysis, has raised $1m in its first round of funding from venture capitalists at Leorsa Innovations for what is referred to as ‘electronic tongue,’ an artificial sensor device for recognition, quantitative multicomponent analysis and artificial assessment of taste and flavor of various liquids.

Ingria, the largest local high-tech business incubator, of which Sensor Systems is a resident company, told Marchmont earlier this week that under the terms of the deal, the St. Pete project will get further support from its new partner to not only develop the technology but also make an operational prototype and commercialize the product into the global markets.

The technology is being developed by a group of enthusiasts from the Laboratory of Chemical Sensors at St. Petersburg State University, Russia’s oldest higher educational establishment founded in the mid 18th century. It’s “world-class research,” Ingria underscored.

The project aims initially to (i) complete the development and introduce to the market its sensor systems to assess the taste intensity of new pharmaceutical compositions at early stages of their development and (ii) develop integrated monitoring mechanisms for complex biotech processes in various sectors. In addition, the project team is working to offer a solution to identify whether any interim or end product on a production line is safe enough, and what taste nuances of new chemical compositions are.

Leorsa Innovations, a St. Petersburg VC firm, is said to have completed thorough scrutiny of the Sensor Systems project and found it economically viable enough to buy into the young company and acquire a (yet-unspecified) majority stake.

The Ingria Business Incubator has been operating since 2008. Its 76 residents are said to have raised more than $30m in investment over the years. 

2013-09-13, Marchmont News.

Keywords: St. Petersburg, innovations, electronics, funding, devices, sensors

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