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Skolkovo Startups are presented at technological exhibition TechCrunch

Several Startups of the Skolkovo Foundation have presented their projects at one of the largest technological exhibitions for Startupers TechCrunch Disrupt. Experts of TechCrunch got acquainted and estimated perspective of several projects, which have been selected by the Skolkovo Foundation for participation at technological conference. Besides, at this exhibition a famous Russian Company ABBYY is presented – a developer for text translation solutions.

The Company FittingReality has developed technology, which refers to Internet stores; it allows seeing an interesting for a user clothes model directly at his/her photo in 3D-format. For this purpose it is necessary to download a photo at the site and click a special button, which is situated on the product page.

The Company Choister offers service for search, analysis and comparison of educational programs. The site gathers, structures information, and allows searching required program of edication abroad by selected criteria, whether they are magistracy or courses, online or offline form of education, evening courses, or full day.

The technology 3D3Bin allows creating 3D images of any object with the help of several downloaded photos processing. The algorithm stabilizes an image, making it maximum realistic. Startup 3Dbin expects cooperation with electronic stores and sites for online trading. Founders are planning to organize payment in the form of subscription.

Penxy is an application for iOS devices, with the help of which it is possible to manage presentational materials. For this purpose it is necessary to download a file with presentation into a cloud storage, and simultaneously switch on reflection of this presentation on TV or projection apparatus. After this the presentation is possible to be listed on smartphone. 

2013-09-13, Venture Business News.

Keywords: startups, Skolkovo

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Skolkovo Startups are presented at technological exhibition TechCrunch
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