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Yaroslavl ‘nano-valenki’ to care for your feet in freeze and thaws alike

Yaroslavl in Central Russia is now the country’s first region to introduce state-of-the-art nanotechnology to making valenki, a sort of traditional Russian fulled (felted) woolen winter footware.

At the Yaroslavl local walk-mill, in a sector that seems so hopelessly far away from any technology innovation, the age-old production technique is said to have been dramatically modernized, Moskovski Komsomolets reported.

With the innovation, the new ‘nano-valenki’ are expected to keep the feet of their owners safe, dry and warm not only at Russia’s freezing cold winter temperatures but also during unwelcome winter thaws that typically cause slush.

A significantly augmented moisture-repelling property of the new footware has been reportedly enabled through impregnation with a special nanotech-based emulsion, one of the walk-mill’s proprietary products. The composition of the emulsion has not been made public yet as a patent has been applied for and not yet obtained.

According to Lyudmila Ulyanova, a senior engineer at the factory, the new waterproof property has been put to a set of rigorous tests, during which valenki were placed in a water vessel for an hour—and then removed dry inside.

The valenki makers in Yaroslavl hope this will help the traditional Russian winter footware reclaim past popularity. The price of the felted woolen boots, for both men and women, will be in the same ballpark as the conventional valenki, the technology developers claim. 

2013-09-13, Marchmont News.

Keywords: nanotechnologies, art, Yaroslavl Region

Yaroslavl ‘nano-valenki’ to care for your feet in freeze and thaws alike
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