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Business angels will discuss strategy of innovations support in Russia

One of the main subjects on the expected second Russian week of business angels will become discussion of measures on support of innovation projects of Russian companies at early stages. Most experts consider that Government should reconsider priorities in its support of innovation projects in Russia upwards their early (pre-seed and seed) stages, because it is one of the key factors of basis creation of high-tech sector of the Russian economy.

“In the course of the Week we will create a long-term strategy of market development of venture investment at early stages in Russia, and also will plan ways of fluent integration of Russian and European investment society”, - noted president of national association of business angels Konstantin Fokin.

The second Russian Week of business angels will be held since September, 30 till October, 6 this year. Within its limits there will be conducted XII Annual Winter University of European association of business angels, the main event of the market of venture investments at early stages, and IV Annual congress of national association of business angels. The program of Week foresees branch events in more than 30 regions of Russia. It is expected that the Week will combine more than 2,000 private investors, representatives of high-tech business, authority bodies and development institutions, and also Russian and International experts in the sphere of venture investments at early stages. 

2013-09-12, Venture Business News.

Keywords: innovations, events, state support, business angels, Russia

Business angels will discuss strategy of innovations support in Russia
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