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Two St. Pete developers merge different technologies in one solution for oil and gas

Energy-Efficient Measuring Systems (EEMS), a resident of the Ingria business incubator in St. Petersburg, is developing in Germany its new production of high-accuracy flow meters to measure differential pressure in liquid and gaseous mediums, Ingria reports.

The production site was reportedly launched this past March. German and Austrian investors found good market value in the innovative design of the flow meter which is said to prevent the loss of pressure in a medium to be measured—one of the key deficiencies known in conventional instruments and causing increased energy consumption, Ingria underscored.

According to Alexander Nikolaenko, the EEMS project manager, in search of a special corrosion-resistant coating to protect the flow meters his company began collaboration with Active-Nano, another Ingria resident company.

Active-Nano offers mineral coatings that are reported to help reduce friction and wear “to a physically possible minimum,” and also protect from corrosion, scratching, and abrasive damage. Mr. Nikolaenko claimed that the partner “…has ensured reliable application of mineral dry-lubricant substances to the flow-meter’s metal surfaces exposed to friction.”

The two technologies have resulted in what is believed to be a next gen flow meter capable of cutting the costs of oil or gas pumping by an estimated 7-to-10% and having a considerably increased service life. 

2013-07-12, Marchmont News.

Keywords: oil and gas industry, St. Petersburg, Germany, technologies

Two St. Pete developers merge different technologies in one solution for oil and gas
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