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NAIRIT summarizes Regional Innovative activity Rating - 2012

National Association of innovation and development of information technology (NAIRIT) summarizes “Regional innovative activity Rating-2012”, aimed at definition of a region that showed the best indexes in the sphere of scientific and innovation sector stimulation, and getting the objective view of a present state innovations sphere in Russia.

The first result of this study became amount increase of regions at the top section if rating “very high innovative activity” and “high innovative activity”, and also amount decrease of regions with low activity. It is necessary to note that such changes took place for the first time during a study history.

Another result is the absence of jumps from one position to another. In the years past such jumps on 15-20 positions left or right were not unusual; today there are no position jumps at all. It means a greater stability of regional innovative processes. The leader became Moscow region, moving from a group with mean activity to top ten (rating increase on 12 items). Еhis is not surprising. Positive changes in region`s management have its own results in innovation sphere. Other regions, that showed the best dynamics, include Karelia and Mordovia (rating increase on 11 and 10 items correspondingly).

Unlucky regions are the following: Yaroslavl Oblast, Smolensk Region, Kabardino Balkariya (rating decrease on 7 items).

The leader of a rating, as it was last year, became Moscow. The second place took Saint-Petersburg. Besides, the region entered a very high innovation activity group.

In 2012 clearly signified a previously outlined tendency of reduction the distance between leading regions and its near chasers – representatives of a group with high innovation activity. This index is 12% against 15% in 1012, which also tells about improvement of competition in a leading group.

83 subject of the Russian Federation participated in a study.

According to the President of NAIRIT Olga Kuskova: “2012 was the most active in the sphere of innovations for the last years. Certainly it is a result of government efforts focused on this sphere development. It is pleasant to note that a great contribution in Regional innovation activity rating is made by young innovators, who continuously improve its education, propose perspective working out and attract investments in it”. 

2013-07-09, Venture Business News.

Keywords: St. Petersburg, innovations, ratings, Karelia, regions

NAIRIT summarizes Regional Innovative activity Rating - 2012
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