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Contest-accelerator (BIT) received a record number of applications in 2013

Business of Innovation and Technology (BIT) Entrepreneurial Competition and general partner RVC received a record number of applications from Startup-projects in 2013. This is a record for 10 years of a BIT history; the contest became the first national Contest-accelerator of project engineering in Russia this year.

“Last year we received 120 applications. This year we have 1500 applications. It is a great result, which shows the popularity growth of technological business activity idea,” - said BIT contest`s convenor Natalia Tsarevskaya Dyakina.

Traditionally IT and Internet-projects are wide spread among participants – this sector takes 40% of all filed applications in 2013. At the same time popularity of “real economy” sector grew up: branches of high-tech equipment (12,5%) and resources-saving technologies (7,8%). Fast-growing all over the world biological and medicine technologies also became of the leaders of a contest (9,1%).

This year BIT is granted a status of a strategic project for RVC. For us it means integration of all resources and programs, implemented by RVC, attraction of all our partners among regional innovation centers, investors, mentors, corporations for the benefit of BIT contest development – noted Gulnara Bikkulova, director of innovative market department of RVC. – All the above mentioned allowed us to redefine a contest”.

Receiving of contest applications ended in June, 30. Next in turn is federal stage of a contest judging and list of semifinalists forming – participants of accelerating program. Some semifinal teams have already been defined, these are winners of a 14 regional and institutional competitions, entering BIT structure. Projects of regional competitions are 69% of the total amount of applications.

Acceleratory stage will include 60-70 teams-semifinalists. In September they will receive online access to educational course on technological business activity theory. After they study this material, finalists will go to Moscow for a two-weeks on-site acceleration program, prepared by RVC and Innovative development Center of Moscow.

“On a unique in Russia accelerative field of international level APIMoscow on a territory of Krany Oktyabr`, which is also a baseground of Moscow incubation technologies program, semifinalists of BIT will take part in regular meetings with specialized consultants, mentors, investors and business angels. It is a great opportunity for all participants to solidify in Moscow – one of the best innovative center over the world, where great amount of resources is focused, and eventually, give impetus to own project development” – noted Kinstantin Fokin, Director General of Innovative development Center of Moscow.

Teams with higher potential will receive the opportunity to present its projects on international fields, supported by RVC. The best graduates of accelerator will presents its projects on a final of BIT contest, which will be held on Moscow International Forum “Open Innovations” in November, 2013. 

2013-07-08, Venture Business News.

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