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RVC and Moe Delo launch an internet service for staruppers

Russian Venture Company JSC and Moe Delo internet accounting have launched One2start.ru service for budding entrepreneurs, which was previously available in beta. The purpose of the project is to simplify the creation of new businesses. The project’s partner is PwC’s Center for Technology and Innovation (CTI).

One2start.ru is based on expert consultations and an extensive databank of document templates.

The concept of the service has been developed with the participation of CTI experts, as well as its Startup Path category designed to help new IT entrepreneurs to understand a set of objectives and challenges they face.

Sergey Makarov, the head of the programs and projects of RVC JSC Infrastructure Development Department notes that RVC’s experience in working with early stage companies and cooperation with other development institutions to support such companies indicates the need for so-called standard entrepreneur sets: a range of tools and practices needed to implement the transition to regular management. One2start.ru is just such range of tools. A distinctive feature of the service offered is that it has been managed by a professional market participant - Moe Delo Company - since its development and testing stage.

The Managing Director of the venture capital fund Genezis Capital, former CEO of TexDrive accelerator Alexander Jurba says: Our statistics is simple and eloquent: we have reviewed about eight thousand projects in Russia and the CIS for one and half years.

The author of the One2start.ru project’s idea is Sergey Panov, the co-founder of Moe Delo. The General Director of the service is Alexey Petrov, the CEO of Moe Delo. The editor in chief is a journalist and project manager Pavel Kulikov. 

2013-06-26, Venture Business News.

Keywords: startups, services, enterpreneurship, Russian Venture Company, Genezis Capital

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RVC and Moe Delo launch an internet service for staruppers
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