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Dos cervezas, por favor! World's first beer-ordering app translates 'beer' into 59 different languages

British holidaymakers can order a beer wherever they are in the world without resorting to pidgin language, thanks to the world's first 'beer' translator app.

The Pivo iPhone app translates the phrase 'one beer please' into 59 languages and even features videos showing correct pronunciation.

After learning the local language for 'please' and 'thank you', asking for a beer on holiday abroad ranks highly in the list of phrases to pick up.

The new app features popular European languages such as French, Spanish and Italian, as well as more obscure offerings like Scots, Gaelic and Welsh.

Other better known languages from far-flung holiday spots include Hindi, Indonesian and Japanese.

Travellers who prefer more obscure holiday destinations can learn how to order drinks in Tagalog, the second language of the Philippines, the Ghanain dialect Twi, Zulu from South Africa or Yiddish.

The app is the brainchild of tourists Justin Amey and Ollie Hepworth from Bournemouth, Dorset, whose lack of language skills was exposed on an outing to a bar in Prague, Czech Republic.

Pivo - named after the Czech word for beer - is available to download from the App Store for 69p.

Justin, a 29-year-old marketing manager, said: 'Ollie and I went on a holiday to Prague recently and, like many British tourists, headed for the nearest bar to get a beer as soon as we arrived.

'However, we realised quickly that we had no idea how to ask for a beer in Czech.

'Of course, you can just go to a bar and point to a beer but it is nice to make an effort to speak the language when you're in a foreign country.

'A quick check on Google didn't shed any light either but we thought there must be an app for that.

'We were really surprised to find there was nothing out there that would offer up a quick translation of the word 'beer'.

'After all, for many of us 'beer' is probably the most useful foreign word to know after 'hello'.

'It started off as just a bit of fun but it got to number two in the travel app downloads on the App Store.

'Ollie and I are planning a trip to Dublin for his 30th birthday so our app will come in useful!'  

2013-06-20, The Daily Mail.

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Dos cervezas, por favor! World's first beer-ordering app translates 'beer' into 59 different languages
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