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Clipless attaches your iPhone directly to your clothes

A company known as They Innovate has designed Clipless, a mounting device that fastens a smartphone to almost any place imaginable. A wall, clothes, car dashboards, and essentially anything with a moderately flat surface will work, according to the creators.

The purpose of Clipless is to do away with leather pouches. This product allows users to wear their phones as they would a pouch, but it uses a discreet disc and clip that attaches a phone to the wearer's clothes.


Clipless consists of three pieces. The first is a connector stuck with semi-permanent adhesive to the back of your phone. This attaches to the second piece, the actual Clipless which attaches to the outside of your clothes by slotting into a disc, the third component, worn inside the fabric.

The adhesive is only good for one use, so to use a different phone, extra connectors would be necessary. Clipless can also be attached to other flat surfaces through a separate mount. The goal is for users to be able to use Clipless whether carrying their phones or mounting them to static locations.

The creators are adding NFC capability to the device. This opens up all kinds of options, such as launching a specific app when mounting at a certain location (e.g. a recipe app when mounting on the kitchen refrigerator).

They Innovate is seeking funding for its Clipless device on Kickstarter. At the time of writing, there are plenty of early bird backer offers left. These provide one Clipless, one connector, one clothing disc, and one NFC mount for US$17. Once those run out, the company is offering Clipless for $35.

The Kickstarter pitch below provides more information about Clipless. 

2013-06-10, Gizmag, Dave LeClair.

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