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Nano Micro Biz and ROBOTECH, Tokyo, Japan

Dates: 3 – 5 July 2013
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall 2

Exhibition Micromachine/MEMS, a leading force in Japan’s nano-micro industry, has been renamed “Nano Micro Biz”, offering a new vision into micro-fabrication technology, devices and solutions at the 2013 edition.

Started as an Industrial Micromachine Exhibition in the 1990′s, this Exhibition from the late 2000’s onward has grown dramatically as an Exhibition Micromachine/MEMS, and it has advanced together with the development of microprocessing technology.

MEMS, which has been realized in a process of the micrometer level, is now making shift to NMEMS (Nano and Micro Electric Mechanical System) through fusion with ever more precise nanotechnology.

The main exhibits will showcase a wide array of key devices and the latest technologies related to R&D, fabrication, quality control, etc. They include nano/micro processing, printed electronics equipment, nano/micro processing materials and tools, packaging technology, equipment and material, design tools and technology, nano/micro applied systems and modules, nano/micro devices, measurement, inspection and reliability testing machine, nano/micro foundry and contract processing. The fair will be inviting world leading researchers and is scheduled to run various concurrent programs such as ‘The 19th International Micromachine/Nanotech Symposium’, ‘Japanese-German Micro Nano Business Forum’, ‘National Project Report’, ‘MEMS Packaging Forum’ and ‘Workshops on Industry and University Cooperation’.

Nano Micro Biz will be held together with “ROBOTECH” – the Exhibition on Next-Generation Service Robot Manufacturing Technology”. ROBOTECH showcases the elemental technologies which support the practical application and advancement of next generation robots (service robots), a field which MEMS devices are applied as sensors. The 4th ROBOTECH, in addition to showcasing devices such as sensors and actuators, will contribute to realize safe, secure and affluent society in the future by promoting the fusion of these technologies with IT fields such as image processing, automatic control and information technologies.

Additional information about Nano Micro Biz and ROBOTECH is available here: http://www.micromachine.jp/en/ 

Keywords: Japan, events, nanotechnologies, robots, microelectronics

Nano Micro Biz and ROBOTECH, Tokyo, Japan
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