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RUSNANO and Crocus to produce MRAM-memory at Moskvich plant
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RUSNANO and Crocus to produce MRAM-memory at Moskvich plant

Crocus Nano Electronics (CNE), a joint company of RUSNANO and leading developmer of magnet-resistant memory (MRAM) Crocus Technology, will locate their complex to produce new-generation memory at premises of the former auto plant “Moskvich” in Moscow, newspaper Izvestia reports.

According to Mikhail Zyabkin from RUSNANO, key markets for MRAM-memory are data storage systems, communication and mobile devices. This memory is energy independent, has unlimited number of re-recording cycyles, resistant to electromagnetic rays. The memory can function in aggressive environments and be used in smart-cards, network commutators, biometric authentication devices, small-radius and protected memory communication devices.

Earlier Crocus Technology intended to place its production complex in either Zelenograd or Kaliningrad region, however final choice was made in favor of the plant “Moskvich”. Total investment into the project is estimated at $300m, including $128m from RUSNANO.

Production is scheduled to be launched in 2013. At initial stages the plant will make 500 memory plates weekly, and later projected capacity will reach 1,000 plates per week.

2012-05-31, Marchmont News.

Keywords: Rusnano, memory devices

RUSNANO and Crocus to produce MRAM-memory at Moskvich plant
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