Which science field has the most promising future?

Computer science
Aerospace engineering
Ecology, resource saving

What is the mankind's most dangerous invention?

Atomic bomb
Fast food

Current projects

Today Russian Venture Investment Center presents two projects which could absolutely change the look of many Russian cities and promote innovation development of many regions.

Corporation of Intelligent Technologies and Systems

This project is implemented jointly with Mallenom, Russian innovative company.

Mobile City: highly intelligent and up-to-date systems can increase efficiency of the current urban transport infrastructure by 40-50% and ensure total traffic control.

  • Intelligent Traffic Lights - a hardware and software system for intelligent control of traffic lights at urban crossroads ensuring regulation of traffic flows adjusted for traffic load. Intelligent Traffic Lights has been assembled and tested at one of the crossroads in Cherepovets, Vologda Region. It will be launched in summer 2010.
  • Green Wave - a network of distributed intelligent control of urban crossroads (Intelligent Traffic Lights) ensuring optimal control of urban traffic.
  • Safe City - up-to-date systems ensuring automated and automatic control of urban traffic, detecting and registering violation of traffic regulations (speed control, red lights, lane traffic), automatically recognizing car license plates.
  • Your Road - additional service for population and field services to get access to the information about current traffic and an optimal route.
  • Mobile City Expert - simulation of an integrated urban transport plan which makes it possible to automate design of a new and changing of the current transport infrastructure.
  • Road Patrol - installation of video surveillance systems at problem road parts; automatic detection of problem cars (stolen, fines not paid, etc.) and data transmission to the traffic police. Road Patrol is successfully introduced in some of the regions.

TransControlVideo: production and sale of optoelectronic systems for automatic control of moving motor and railway vehicles. These systems detect and identify moving vehicles by optoelectronic recognition of their license plates, as well as register moving vehicles. Two product lines are now developed and produced (6 modifications in total):

  • ARSCIS Rail Transport Control
  • AutoMarshal Motor Transport Control

Both systems are working now and have acquired a good reputation in some Russian regions. The full version of ARSCIS is unique not only in Russia, but also abroad.


START-Park is a new technology for innovation commercialization that covers stages from idea generation to startup launch and its further development for 2-3 years.

The original START-Park technology comprises a set of services and interaction mechanisms aimed to create an innovation-friendly microenvironment – a "greenhouse" where new businesses “grow ripe”.

Organizations that implement START-Park technology are in fact new generation innovation parks and startup factories.

In 2010-2011, three START-Parks were launched in Cherepovets, Vologda and Penza. More information about START-Park project is available here.

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